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A few handcrafted articles about my thoughts and experiments.

Version Control for PHP Projects
PHP Programminggitgithubversion controlweb development
Version Control for PHP Projects: Git and GitHub
Embrace the power of version control in your PHP projects using Git and GitHub. Explore how to track changes, collaborate with other developers, and manage your codebase effectively by utilizing the core functionalities of Git and the collaborative platform of GitHub. Navigate through the process of setting up a repository, committing changes, and working with branches in a PHP project.
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Your First PHP Script Hello, World!
PHP Programmingweb developmentbeginner's guide
Your First PHP Script: Hello, World!
Embark on the journey of PHP programming by creating your first PHP script. A simple 'Hello, World!' script provides a smooth introduction to the syntax, structure, and execution of PHP code. Explore how to write, save, and execute your PHP script, providing a foundation to delve deeper into the world of PHP programming.
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File Handling in C Programming
programmingC Programmingfile handlingdata storagecoding
File Handling in C
Dive into the world of file handling in C programming, exploring the various functionalities and capabilities that allow developers to manage files effectively. This guide provides a detailed overview of file operations like reading, writing, updating, and managing files, which are crucial for data storage and retrieval in software development.
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Inheritance and Polymorphism in Java
Java Programmingprogramminginheritancepolymorphism
Inheritance and Polymorphism in Java: Exploring Object-Oriented Concepts
Embark on an exploration of key object-oriented programming concepts in Java: Inheritance and Polymorphism. Understand how inheritance promotes code reusability and how polymorphism provides flexibility and dynamic behavior to Java applications, enhancing design and functional capabilities.
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DOM Manipulation in JavaScript
javascriptweb developmentdom manipulation
Document Object Model (DOM) Manipulation in JavaScript
Delve into the core concept of web development using JavaScript: DOM manipulation. Explore the intricacies of the Document Object Model, understand its hierarchical structure, and learn how JavaScript plays a pivotal role in dynamically altering the content, structure, and styling of web pages.
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Events and Event Handling in JavaScript
javascriptweb developmentevent handling
Events and Event Handling in JavaScript
Dive into the interactive aspect of JavaScript by understanding events and event handling. Learn how to make your web pages responsive to user actions and explore the various types of events and methods to handle them.
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PHP Conditional Statements
PHP Programmingweb developmentconditional statementscontrol structures
Control Structures: Conditional Statements in PHP
Delve into the conditional statements in PHP, exploring the foundational control structures that enable decision-making in code. Understand the syntax, usage, and practical implementations of if, else if, and else in PHP, providing a guide for beginners to comprehend and utilize conditional statements effectively.
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Structures and Unions in C Programming
programmingC Programmingstructuresunionsdata managementcoding
Structures and Unions in C
Embark on an exploration of structures and unions in C programming, uncovering their definitions, functionalities, and distinct usages. This guide provides beginners with a thorough understanding of how structures and unions aid in grouping different data types under a single umbrella, enabling organized and efficient data management in C programming.
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Constructors and Destructors in Java
Java Programmingprogrammingconstructorsdestructors
Constructors and Destructors in Java: Initializing and Cleaning Up Objects
Delve into the concepts of constructors and destructors in Java, understanding how constructors initialize Java objects and how garbage collection and destructors operate in managing memory, ensuring efficient resource management within Java applications.
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